My Little Girl
This is a photo of my daughter in a Shirley style look with modern twist. Yellow hunter boots and a new dress!
I am considering developing a new website, or easier yet, adding new content. There are new dolls in my collection and
probably some new dolls on the forsale page. If there is interest, I'll go ahead and work on it. It has been
so long since I have worked on this page, I have a lot of relearning to do. I want to gauge how much time to
put into this so, please kindly, let me know you want to see work, and email me ! What do you want to see from this site?
Do you want a new site, that doesn't use frames, just updates, let it be, or save money and pull the site? Is this site used or not?
Please tell me at now!
Please resubscribe to the mailing list, it is new, and will be used for projects such as Traveling Shirley.