The Shirley Temple Collectors Convention 2002 in Chicago!
September 26, 2002: Jennifer, my daughter, and I arrived in Chicago Thursday afternoon, September 26th. The convention theme, for this year, was Captain January. It was held at the Wyndham hotel in Itasca, Illinois. First, on the agenda was registration and an ice cream social. We received an agenda for our fun filled packed weekend, and we were able to meet new friends and visit with old ones! Tim and Donna's photo is on the right. Donna Carr was the hostess for our convention, and Tim did a great job in being Master of Ceremonies for the Shirley Temple Trivia. I think Regis needs to watch out! Donna worked so hard for two years to make this a very special convention. Her efforts showed so much, as she did a fantastic job! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves as you can see from all the photos. I highly recommend attending a Shirley Temple Collector's convention if you collect Shirley Temple memorabilia. The conventions are normally held every other year, so next convention should be during the Fall of 2004. Enjoy my diary from the 2002 convention!
September 27 2002:: After breakfast Jennifer and attended several workshops. We made a fabric paper doll and a Shirley Temple clothes rack! Yes the clothes are original, and no they did not come with the rack :O)
Traveling Shirley was able to visit the display room! See her souvenirs! The pretty 36 inch Shirley was near the raffle displays. She was all dressed up in a Captain January outfit. For dinner we had a great buffet!

September 28, 2002: Saturday's breakfast was a tribute to Shirley Temple's Birthday. Wasn't the centerpiece pretty! Tonya and Matt sat at our table. Were both of them happy?

See what Matt and Jennifer do during convention breaks... There are plenty of video game challenges. Cousin Ann is able to come to the Wyndham Hotel for a visit! What a special treat!
The center piece was a treasure chest that was filled with goodies. Each table had a lucky winner of the centerpiece. The convention gift was a Shirley Temple breakfast set made in Germany. It was made especially for convention attendees and is absolutely beautiful! I love it!
September 29, 2002: Sunday was our final day at the convention, Others that sat at our table left to right are Suzie, Jennifer, Linda, Pat, and Dave. The centerpiece for our final breakfast was a copy of the script from the movie "Captain January."
The left picture is of Marge and Earl Messinger. Marge is president of the Shirley Temple Collectors Convention. Next is Rita Dubas with Earl. It was wonderful to get to meet Rita after lots of email communication over the past few years.
We also had a workshop to make a porcelain doll. Isn't she cute! There were so many goodies given to us, it would be impossible to have pictures of them all. The right photo is of Loretta B. (The other Loretta, smile) and her niece Carol. The convention was wonderful,