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Categories for the Online Doll Competition
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1) Shirley Temple Composition dolls
2) Shirley Temple Vinyl dolls
3) Shirley Temple Porcelain dolls
4) Madame Alexander Composition dolls
11) Ethnic dolls in regional or national costume
14) Effanbee dolls
Rules for voting:
1) only one vote per IP address. If I find someone trying to break the system that IP will be disqualified.
2) Voting will end April 4, 2003
3) You can only vote in categories that had more than one entry. Entries that were the only ones in a category will still receive a ribbon.
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Winners are now marked on the category pages above. Please, if your doll won a ribbon you will need to email me.
My hard drive was lost during a problem with my computer. I lost my saved emails and Personal Filing cabinet.
How to Enter: deadline was January 10, 2003
Please email me with the following information:
1) Make sure the subject includes the words "Doll Competition entry".
2) Please include your first name and email address inside the email.
3) Attach a .jpg image of your doll you would like to enter. Please size them around 4(width)x5(height) inches.
4) Include a brief description of your doll which includes: the category, make, name, year, imperfections, and what's original.
***You should receive an email from me within 7 days confirming I have entered your doll in the competition with an
entry number along with its category number. Please feel free to re-email me if you are concerned I did not get your email.
Rules to Enter:
You may only enter one doll per category. I am sticking with a maximum total of 15 categories. If I do not have any
entries for a given category, yet have a lot of interest for another, I will consider changing the competition categories.
I have picked categories of 20th Century dolls that I happen to like. There will be First, Second, and Third place

ribbons for the winners.

*** There will be a maximum of 15 dolls allowed entered per category. Once I have 15 entries for a category, that
category will be closed to further entries.

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