I get emails from Shirley Temple fans and collectors from all over the world every day. These are some of the questions that are asked most of me. Please continue to write as I love to correspond with Shirley fans and collectors
I have a Shirley Temple doll what is she worth?
Before you can find this out there is some basic information you need to know. These dolls vary in price tremendously depending on the year they were made, their condition, and the originality and rarity of their clothes and accessories. This site and others may help you find out this information and there are good books out there with price guides. Edward Pardella wrote a book in 1999 called Shirley Temple dolls and Fashions A Collector's Guide To The World's Darling. I know this book is available at amazon.com and most likely at borders.com There will be a new book coming out in the near future which promises to be excellent and really exciting! I can hardly wait for it and when I have further information I will put it on my site. Remember any guide or estimate of value a collector gives you is just a guide. I am not an expert on pricing dolls but will be glad to give you my opinion and an idea on what I paid for a similar doll.
Can you help me identify a Shirley Temple doll?
I will be glad to try to help. Email me a description and if possible a photo of your doll. I just added a "Shirley Temple dolls 1934-2000" page. Click on the about the dolls link. This should help you identify the era your doll was made. I do not have a good camera for getting close up of markings but will describe them my best.
Where can I buy a Shirley Temple doll?
You can look at auction sites like ebay and yahoo and go to local doll shows. Many dealers have sites on the Internet you can find with searching in your favorite browser. I am a collector, not a dealer, and only sell dolls when I am upgrading.

How do you keep Shirley Temple dolls looking nice?

I have learned tricks from other collectors and methods of cleaning from Edward Pardella's book. Prisma color pencil is great for fine craze lines and I also found a craze concealer at a doll show I like that I have used on a limited basis made by Sandra Lee products. I have also had success with their antique doll clothes cleaning products. I like setting hair with the rods from the small spongy rollers but remember to set the hair in one direction and follow the original curls as close as possible. Nivea cream is great for cleaning and a little baby oil on a cotton ball leaves a nice shine. Do not put these products near facial paint.
What kind of Shirley Temple dolls do you currently buy?
I am especially excited when I find original outfits for the composition dolls I do not have.
Have you evar met Shirley Temple?
No but wouldn't that have been excitiing! I admire her adult life and what she accomplished.

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