Shirley Temple dolls and clothing I am looking for and want to buy
I am in the process of putting up some composition Shirley Temple and non-Shirley dolls for sale please keep checking back!
I am looking for very mint composition Shirley Temple dolls or hard to find outfits for the 1930's Shirley Temple composition doll. I also collect clothing designed by Mollye Goldman for Shirley Temple dolls made by Molly-'es doll outfitters. I do want and purchase Molly-'es tagged clothing by Mollye Goldman. I also collect Shirley Temple vintage children's items and am interested in labeled Shirley Temple hair bows and ribbons, hats, purses, scrapbooks, gloves, socks, jewelry, and Shirley Temple Cinderella or Shirley Temple Nannette Toddler tagged dresses. I am always interested in knowing about good Shirley Temple dolls or original outfits you might have for sale or trade, so please email me! Please put the name and size of the doll you are interested in inside emails to me. I appreciate any emails and pictures with items for sale. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance. I really do appreciate your consideration. I am foremost a collector and usually only sell when I get a duplicate or upgrade.
Shirley Temple dolls For Sale/Trade Updated 10/10/2009
11 inch Shirley Temple make-up in an original Texas Ranger
13 inch Shirley Temple in trunk with five original outits some tagged!
13 inch compositon Shirley in a Little Rebel type dress.
13 inch composition Captain January.
16 inch MIB composition all original gorgeous in tagged crisp dress
17 inch composition wearing a lavender coin dot dress
17 inch gorgeous composition doll in a tagged blue Stand up and Cheer coin dot dress
17 inch composition wearing a reproduction Texas Ranger outfit
18 inch composition wearing a rare dress from Curly Top with stripes
18 inch composition wearing a time period appropriate leaf print dress
Other composition dolls for sale
13 inch mint Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth with tagged dress original crown and purse!
18 inch pristine Madame Alexander Sonja Henie with tagged original outfit and skates
18 inch Madame Alexander Scarlett O'Hara

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