She really wants to visit you!

August 14, 2005 - Shirley will be retiring and living with a dear friend of mine. I recently received her from her last visits, and will be updating her website as soon as I can with photos. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this and made it fun!

This little 8 inch Shirley Temple doll from the 1980s would like to visit you. Her outfit is from "The Little Colonel". She started her travels in September of 2001 throughout the United States. Shirley will come to visit you with her diary and box of souvenirs from her travels. She can stay with you for about a week and get to know your hometown. Please write in her diary and get her a post card or a small souvenir. You will need to send her safely via priority mail to her next destination. She will visit about 5 or 6 friends and then will come home to empty out her box and will continue to visit other families in the U.S. Her schedule (first names and towns only), excerpts from her diary, and things she would like to show and tell about her visits will be on this website. If you would like Shirley to visit you please click the link below and follow directions If we are understanding that her schedule can not be set in stone and she will be kept on course as closely as possible this could be lots of fun. The mail, weather, and numerous other things could have to make Shirley adapt her schedule. I will try to keep the information on her progress kept as current as time permits me to do on the website. Any questions please put "Traveling Shirley" in the subject and email me.

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Read excerpts from Shirley's Journal - just updated June 8, 2002
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