These are Jackie's six Shirley Temple dolls
This is part of Flo's collection. The best thing is Flo designed and made the costumes for the Shirley Temples in the back. I wish I had that kind of talent!

Wow!! Look at Ellen's 25 inch Little Colonel. She wears an orignal taffeta dress. The 17 inch is Ellen's in an original Shirley Temple dress and coat. Two gorgeous dolls!
Here is Caroline's brand new 24 inch Shirley Temple composition doll!! She was made especially for Caroline! She is just wonderful and has furniture and her own brand new wardrobe!

Look at Suzie's collection, aren't her dolls fantastic!

Here are Nancy's two beautiful composition Shirley's. They look like such happy sisters!
This photo has Keryn's composition Shirleys. Keryn is from Austrailia and is so sweet to email with! Doesn't she have a fantastic collection! Look at the next photo for more of Keryn's dolls!
These are Keryn's vinyl Shirley Temple dolls. Aren't they awesome!
This is a photo of Tina's Shirley Temple dolls! She is looking for an original Bright Eyes dress for a 13. If you have one for sale let me know and I will pass it along to her! Her dolls look awesome!

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